Its Unfair

January 10, 2014
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No on knows the things that I go through all the time,

Is wanting to be a successful athlete such a crime?

If it is I’m searching for a reason why,

Why do coaches not want me to succeed as much I want myself to,

I feel that they see me as the 3rd strike, not one or two,

Like I’m out of chances,

I picture myself in the end zone dancin’,

But when I’m trying my hardest in practice, they’re not even glancin’,

But it’s ok, this season I’m gonna open up some eyes,

And if they don’t, I’m gonna force em’ to by how brightly I shine,

Through the off-season I’ll grind,

As of now I’m waiting on my time, until I’m on the field tossing dimes,

And then when hears my story they’ll feel bad,

But honestly I realized that I can’t be mad,

One- because I need to come away with class,

And two- because everything I’m not makes me everything I am.

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