Gangsta Mystique (FR)

September 16, 2013
Don’t get in my way ‘cause I don’t like many people,
Else you might find your behind tied to the church steeple,
Cause when evil arose I was right at the forefront,
Disturbing the peace and graffiti-ing storefronts,
I’ve said more than once, it’s not up for discussion,
So stop gushin’ words ‘fore I deal a concussion,
Blood gushin’ cause my knuckles went ballistic,
My mind sadistic when I’m on pills, I’m masochistic,
Cuttin’ myself just to drink the blood with it,
But that’s what goes on when I’m injected with syringes,
Everyone cringes cause it’s the Krokodil that speaks,
But I still maintain my dang gangsta mystique,
And my A-game physique that’s why the women still flockin,
Even when my brain’s drunk and starts stopping,
The others coppin’ out cause my mouth makes you start hating,
Cause I achieved an R-rating before your mommy let you start dating,
Before the primates were mating and kids were playing sports,
You know girls just do it so they can dress in the short-shorts,
And suggestive garb of all sorts, but no clever retorts stirred,
Cause I’ve got the last word, nobody’s my master, I have password,
Cause even when I’m jacked up on shots my thoughts are still straighter,
Than a college student or an Asian second-grader,
Y’all just second-raters but I’m the one front earner,
Burning things quicker than chem class with Bunsen burners!

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