Tonight, I Need You

May 1, 2013
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Verse I
I miss you so much
And I’ve been thinking that I was
The one that’s wrong
For walking away too fast.
Why didn’t you stop me and say
I am here so don’t walk away
Why didn’t I stay for awhile
Wait for you so you can have the chance to say
That I’ll be, always be here for you.

Tonight I’m thinking of you
Wondering if you have time to spare
Because I’m crying and hurting
But I don’t know why
All I know is that I need you tonight

Verse II
I can’t sleep, I don’t want to
I wonder if you’re awake
So that I could text you or call you
Hoping we could talk for hours
Why am I acting this way
I was the one who asked for the space
Why didn’t you stop me
I could’ve stayed.

I regret that I let myself cared too much
And give up when it’s too late for that
I regret that I lose you
Coz I need a friend, I need you tonight.

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