April 8, 2013
By silvermist999 GOLD, Cambridge, Massachusetts
silvermist999 GOLD, Cambridge, Massachusetts
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If you love something, let it go. If it comes back, it's yours. If it doesn't, it never was and it's not meant to be.

She watches the day go by
Dreading the lunchtime bell
Cuz that’s when she’ll have to find
A place to sit by herself

Nobody wants her
Nobody needs her
The way they need you and me

No happily ever
She’ll never find after
And no one can see

Every night she cries
Every night a little more of her dies
She needs a way out
A way to deal with the pain
She can’t figure it out
It’s all too far away

(So she picks up a kitchen knife
And brings it back to her room
She calls it her way to survive
But really it’s just bringing her closer to
A way to die
A way to end her life) chorus

People call themselves her friends
But friends could really know
What she’s doing to herself
I guess it doesn’t show

But it’s too late
She’s too damn afraid
To tell herself to stop

She tells her family
They say it’s just a phase
And eventually it’ll wear off
Every night she cries
Every night a little more of her dies
By now she’s too far gone
Thinkin she’s all alone


Then one night she figures it out
A way to stop all the pain
She keeps pressing harder down
To make it all go away

Then she picks up a pen
And writes down what she could never say
She scribbles down his name
And says you made me this way

The next day in school
When she’s not there
He knows she went through
And realizes he cares
But now it’s just too late

He cries every night
Every night a little more of him dies

Chorus (Past tense)

A way to die
A way to end her life

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