Never Been Paid For This

April 9, 2013
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I've never been paid for this kind of work
The hours I spent seem to go to the air
I wait for them to fall, for the dust to settle
oh so many years later

Slipping the brush through your tangled hair
Adjusting you properly in your chair
Letters and numbers and figures I never earned
Digits I never calculated but still got taxed for

I can only hope all my handiwork is appreciated
I'd love to say that one day the efforts will be well worth it
I believe it's true
But I've never been paid
I'll never know how much it meant

I've been losing my hourglass to time
Been losing my brown to grey
I care so much it makes me scared

I invest and I'm a broker
On futures and lives, their crafting
Is my career.
Each morning I check the stocks,
comb your brown locks.
Invest wisely, time and heart,
know your options, savor your luxury of choice.
Give the choice.

They say it's a buyer's market, but it's a heart's sponge
The kitchen counter has spills
and you reap what you soak in

Open the world like a book, explain
Kill the trees and I'll show you what really dies
Burn a heart and I'll remind you what kind of fire you've started
Lose a friend and I'll show you all that you've gained

I hope you never forget

I dedicated my life towards yours
It's a respected profession, my integrity is key
Honors and ethics and morals
The scroll from which I cast an ancient spell
Bewitched tales of experts gone by

I've never been paid
until I first saw you
I've never known wealth
Until I first cradled you
I've never known morals
Until I saw you make them
I've never known time
Until you became its heart
I never saw a bird fly
Until you saw it too.

I'm a very rich person, now

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