My Fetal Alcohol Syndrome

March 25, 2013
When I sing in front of crowds I tremble and shake.
You might think I'm on something but that's a mistake.
I have a syndrome I got from my mother.
As you know no syndrome is like the other.
This syndrome is from drinking when withholding a child.
The syndrome effects can be strong and sometimes even mild.
When you have if you're addicted to really bad stuff.
Sometimes it makes you crazy and you might just sniff snuff.
But I've never done that before no not at all.
So you don't have to give my doctor a call.
And I'm definitely not addicted to alcohol either.
So I don't need to be on a regulated breather.
Even though I may act a little bit too wild.
My syndrome effects are definitely mild.
I wasn't born with a really tiny head.
And at night I don't accidentally wet my bed.
Those are just some of the few effects.
There some others that only doctors detect.
I'm just a good, down to earth and goofy high school girl.
You're kind of boring so why don't you give letting go a whirl?

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