Moon of a New Day

March 25, 2013
Twist and turn underneath the moon,
different shades of sand cover me
and the wind brushes the water to my feet
sandals lay off to the side

This is a night when
I feel the stars smiling down
and the instant of peace I usually feel
has lasted for hours
I dig my hands in the dune
And wait for whispers from the sun

Whispers of light ease the pain I’ve been living in
The radiance of the sun wakes me up slow
Whispers of love ease the life I’ve been struggling through
As the young morning continues to grow

This is a morning when
all I can do is smile up at the stars
and I know the stars are still there
so I smile up at them
I wrap my arms around my knees
and let the salty air wisp my hair

The salty air lasts until the sun is fully up
When I rise out of my sandy bed
and start to walk along the water
Just as the morning crowd arrives

This is a day when
even though I don’t understand
I know the sun will take care of me
so I welcome its rays with a hug
I pull my hoodie up, take a breath
and let the peace envelope me
with a new stamp

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