Back To Life

March 19, 2013
He tells me he loves me but does he really? He talks bad about me around his friends but around me he acts different. He tells me I don't fit in with his "crowd"
I'm not skinny enough...I thought I was perfect.
My hair isn't right...I love my dark brown hair.
The clothes I wear aren't right...I love my clothes.
My make-up is all wrong...I thought I was beautiful.
I love him so I change
I barely recognize the girl in the that me?
I wasn't skinny I'm anorexic.
My hair wasn't right...I dyed it.
My clothes weren't right...I changed my wardrobe to be more revealing.
My make-up was wrong...I have so much make-up on my face it's caked on.
I've changed so much to be with him.
I lost my friends.
My parents are worried.
Me? I don't care because he loves me.
He wanted me for his own pleasure.
He used me.
Stabbed me in the back.
Broke my heart.
I should have known but NO he loves me.
I don't have anyone to turn to.
I've lost everything.
I get heavy into drugs.
Alcohol is my escape.
Cutting relives the pain.
Still I am alone.
But he loves me
He got what he wanted and left me for someone else.
He changed everything I was.
I don't recognize the girl in the photos...maybe one day she will come back to life.

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