Back To Life

He tells me he loves me but does he really? He talks bad about me around his friends but around me he acts different. He tells me I don't fit in with his "crowd"
I'm not skinny enough...I thought I was perfect.
My hair isn't right...I love my dark brown hair.
The clothes I wear aren't right...I love my clothes.
My make-up is all wrong...I thought I was beautiful.
I love him so I change
I barely recognize the girl in the that me?
I wasn't skinny I'm anorexic.
My hair wasn't right...I dyed it.
My clothes weren't right...I changed my wardrobe to be more revealing.
My make-up was wrong...I have so much make-up on my face it's caked on.
I've changed so much to be with him.
I lost my friends.
My parents are worried.
Me? I don't care because he loves me.
He wanted me for his own pleasure.
He used me.
Stabbed me in the back.
Broke my heart.
I should have known but NO he loves me.
I don't have anyone to turn to.
I've lost everything.
I get heavy into drugs.
Alcohol is my escape.
Cutting relives the pain.
Still I am alone.
But he loves me
He got what he wanted and left me for someone else.
He changed everything I was.
I don't recognize the girl in the photos...maybe one day she will come back to life.

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