For You

March 8, 2013
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Haha yea,
Cause I remember your smile, so strong yet so mild.
I remember your eyes, as they lit up the room, and outshone the sun in the sky.
I remember that day when I saw your pretty face. Now we sit here and we talk, with him taking my rightful place.
Yea I remember you girl, you’re like a sister to me. Or so I claim it to be. Your my lost love of eternity. I live immortally, Athanatos here, rolled a four and a three.
Yea I’m rollem ‘em dice, as I sit in the night. My numbers aren’t nice, so I guess the time here ain’t right.
No you don’t understand how beautiful you are. Girl you’re like the light, the candle to my dark. Anytime I needa see, you spread those lips apart, shining the smile that you got, makes me melt all in my heart.
I know that you know that I’ve always had these feelings. But you don’t understand, the cards that they were dealing.
So I sit here I’m repeating every word I ever said, as I lay here still in my bed, cause what I always felt was never really said, it always sounded so much better in my head
I’m my chest I need you, in my head I say I don’t. I feel like I’m in love. Here’s my verse to you I wrote.
I don’t care about the looks, even though you got ‘em. And it seems that you might like me the way that you be acting. But I see that you’re in love, with a guy who’s like my brother, so I respect it, wish you luck. Let your love go on forever.

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