You didn't stay

February 21, 2013
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I feel you moving on
As you’re letting go
I’m barely breathing now
You’ve gotta’ know

I feel you slip away
As I start to say
That today’s the day
You won’t stay

Looks like its my turn now
To be the one
Who shows you how
We both are done

Time and time
I look back on
The time we spent
And realize now, that it’s all gone

Never again
Will I be so blind
To someone who
Will change their mind

I felt you slip away
As I began to say
That today was the day
You wouldn’t stay

Looking back
On days gone by
All I do
Is question why

We grew so close
So very fast
Our friendship blossomed
Made to last

It was more I wanted
Than friendship between us
I was almost sure
You did too

Only I was wrong
You led me on
But this made me strong
Or so I thought

You slipped away
And I began to say
That today is the day
You weren’t going to stay

I curled up
I laid down
Let my tears
Cause me to drown

No turning back
On you, my friend
Because I fell hard
And couldn’t see the end

Slipping away
Is when I say
Today was the day
You didn’t stay

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Yaya21 said...
Mar. 9, 2013 at 5:30 pm
I really enjoyed alot, it is so true and it related to my life now....GREAT WORK!!!
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