Destruction - Hell on Earth

February 21, 2013
Hear the plucking of my harp’s strings
The crumbling of all things
I sing with a deadly vibrato
Can you hear the guns’ staccato?
It comes in more than one form
And takes the all that you adore
Destruction! Destruction!
Ultimate ruin!
The great gale gashed everything in sight
A bellowing blaze burned all things big and small
Our precious land gone; no one left to hear our desperate plight
What caused our glorious nation to fall?
Destruction comes in more forms

Listen to my voice’s dark melodies; they will please, and tease
All your feeble senses—now you’re left defenseless
My harp will sound again
I am not your friend
It comes in more than one form
And robs you of your hopes and dreams
Destruction! Destruction!
Ultimate ruin!
The covert crusade crushed your kingdom
All people, who needs ‘em?
A deadly deluge destroyed your coveted land
Now all has gone dry; it will turn to sand
Still, destruction comes in more than these forms!

It cannot be stopped or placated
A violent vortex vindicates all of life
The loathsome leviathan levels all vessels
The extravagant explosion exterminates all
A quick quake quells all souls
All is torn asunder as the demons are summoned from my voice and harp
Destruction! Destruction!
Desolation, ruin!
The gods’ thirst will never be satiated!
No matter where you search
You will find no solace in Hell on earth

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Apr. 9, 2013 at 6:32 pm
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