Twas the Night of Halloween (PARDOY)

November 5, 2012
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Twas the night of Halloween and all through the town,
Greedy kids were running pushing each other down.
The parents stayed home, dressed and dandy,
Prepared for doorbell rings to hand out candy.
In the dark we walked and no one cared
Knocking on strangers’ doors as much as they dared.
The cold wind blew stirring up leaves
Dancing pas us as fast as thieves.
When out of nowhere there came one single howl
Making us jump, was one lonely owl.
Continuing on we found a vacant house
A Victorian style only occupied by a mouse.
I knocked on the door… once…twice…
The door swung open making a noise not so nice.
In we walked with curiosity streaming
Then out of now where I started screaming.
They all laughed but didn’t say a word
Turned around and left the house without being heard
Close together we walked on,
leaving the house behind and our poor friend John.
Five of us together walked side by side.
Our dear friend John shouldn’t have died.
It wouldn’t have happened if he didn’t try to scare me
Jumped out from behind the door and grabbed my knee
Chocolate is one thing I refuse to share
If you know me, you’d know my warnings are fair.
Around the corner we lost our friend Dom
He was running in the street and got stopped by his mom.
We walked along afraid only of the night
Three shaking their heads quiet with fright.
Up the drive we jumped a fake moat
On the porch they left us a single note.
“Sorry we’re out, please help yourself,
But don’t be a greedy little elf.”
Lauren pushed past us being a hag,
Took the whole bowl and shoved it in her bag.
Quickly Jaimee chased her around
Knocking her violently on the ground
Dragged her out back by her feet
And took her bag yelling “Trick or treat!!”
Alone it was just me and my best friend Miss Max.
What happened to TJ? He stopped at the railway tracks.
We ended our night at the park
Hiding on the hill in the very, very dark
Laughing together we danced and played
Comparing out candy and making a trade.
When out of the night they came
Our friends we lost not quite the same.
Some looked scary, some looked mad,
If TJ wasn’t laughing I’d have felt bad.
John was very pale and looked quite dead
With brains spilling out from the top of his head.
Dom didn’t come back to play
At home is where he stayed.
Lauren was angry and coated in dirt from head to toe
Ready to drench Jaimee unsure what was right
Took off running to our house and yelled to all “good night!”

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SuperGal This work has been published in the Teen Ink monthly print magazine. said...
Nov. 15, 2012 at 3:57 pm
haha this is great! I love it!
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