November 1, 2012
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Holding your head up high
Dimples in the sky
Carry yourself like Mr.popular
Think your so fly
Wouldn't give a girl like me the time

That's alright
Cause I happy hiding behind a book
Singing in the shower not on a stage
I happy without the latest look
I'm okay with who i am and who you are to me
Mr. Popularity

Don't need make up smeared across my face
Getting asked to homecoming isn't a race
And no Mr. Popular I don't want to be your date

That's alright
Cause I'm happy hiding behind a mask
Singing in the background not in the spotlight or at any dance
I start the trends and then don't follow them
I'm okay with everything I am and what you mean to me

Your a best friend to me

We can read book together
Singing in the car to our favorite songs
Wearing sweats pant no tux or dresses
I like who I am
You like you you are

Mr. Popular you may be a rock star
But you and me
Are quite the team
I'm Miss. popularity

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