once there

October 8, 2012
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I see you you smiling,laughing
and all around happy....
and then when the smiles are gone
you sit back and realize you should've listen to me......

because the feeling of love isn't what it always seems
i know what it feels like to hear someone say our fulfill all your dreams....
and then they just disappear
and you wonder is this love that really got me here.....

(chorus)-and I'll say yes,this is what life's made of,love ain't always from above,because baby i was there,i was there when the rain kept fallen...and you heard yourself call-en..oh i was there..

listen to me,there are brighter things for you to see,
the pain is just a phase through this messed galaxy....
and i know its hard to go on
once i myself made a terrible wrong...
but the weak are only strong
through the power of moving on....


you just stand up..
and say i wont be hurt again..
you realize you are good enough..
and walk against the rain...
i was there ,i was there,i moved on
yes i was there and i moved on....


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