October 5, 2012
By Dracgirl15 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
Dracgirl15 BRONZE, Houston, Texas
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Favorite Quote:
"To love is to destroy. To be loved is to be the one destroyed."
"Here's to new blood."
"I know what you are thinking..."
"I want someone that can really quench my thirst... for eternity."
"I want a relationship i can finally sink my teeth in

it started with a simple smile
the way your face lit up melted my core
when you looked at me it drove me wild
i've never felt this way before

but now we're screaming
and we're fighting
my painful tears are streming
while i feel you slowly dying
there's a hole in my heart you used to fill
but now i know you don't love me and never will

what's happening to us?
why are we starting such a fuss?
where did the old you go?
this is not the you i know
i miss the way we used to be
when our hearts were held but our souls were free
i miss how happy we used to be

i miss us staying with each other through the long cold night
i miss you holding me tight.
i miss us laughing and smiling
instead of screaming and fighting.
it's almost like you've moved on.
like you've found a darker light
that overpowers our dark might

The author's comments:
i actually wrote this song because at the time i was dating a guy that i really thought i loved. eventually we broke up over his ex, and we're trying to stay friends but he's dating my close friend so it's kinda hard...

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