Everything Changed

September 29, 2012
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I’m sitting here after a long day
Wishing the world would go away
The I realize
You are all still by my side

The pain slowly disappears
Then I see she is not here
The memories rush in
that’s when the tears begin

Her smile was as bright
As the stars in the night
Her hair ignited as if on fire
And her hair as thin as wire

I look back on the day
When my life went away
that’s when I got up and ran
Decided become my own man

I took off on with a leap
Turned down the street
Forgot my pride
And looked for a place to hide

As the tears fell faster
I realized the disaster
I lost everything then
I knew I could not win

So I decided to follow
In my life’s shadow
I stepped away
And never looked back on that day

that’s when I lost everything
And looked to see what tomorrow would bring
I have finally looked back
Now I grab my pack

I walk the opposite way
because I return home today
I thought I could survive
Now I cant wait to arrive

My life is without the one
So I now I start to run
Tears fall again
My life will now begin

When the fates denied
My heat had died
Everything changed twice
now I control my life

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