September 26, 2012
By deepoceanblue PLATINUM, Syracuse, Utah
deepoceanblue PLATINUM, Syracuse, Utah
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The wind whistles by through the unmerciful branches of the trees looming overhead, the night's cold air brushes my face. Echoes of laughter long ago whisper through my dwindling mind. I can't help but feel lonely and forgotten. I Have been abandoned by the ones I loved. My aching heart weeps because of being rejected. I'm afraid of what is to come, I'm afraid of what has past. Past memories are a cruel torture for me. My soul has weakened... never to stand again. Wails ring out through the silence and they freeze me in place. Time seems to stand still. Time ceases to exist.The faces that once comforted me now haunt my every dream. My dreams are nothing more than a cruel reality. My reality nothing more than a cruel dream. I look around, shadows coming towards me. I seem to have lost something. I've lost myself. I've lost my identity. My fears and nightmares, have become how I live. Trust is a thing long forgotten, washed away by torrents of lies. I try to forget my times of joy because they soon changed into times of suffering. I don't know which direction to run. Running is the only thing left for me. Running from my past, Running from myself, Running from You.

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