Is There Hope?

September 24, 2012
By Anonymous

*Our legs start to break
We've walked this path for way too long,
My lungs they start to ache
but we still carry on.
*Im choking on my words like i got a noose around my neck,
(I cant believe it's come to this)2x
*Dear, i fear,that this ship is sinking,
(im not coming home tonight)2x
dear i fear, im not coming home tonight, and dear i fear this ship is sinking.
*Is there hope for us? can we make it out alive?
i can taste the failure on your lips, is there hope for us? can we make it out alive? i can taste the failure.
*Close your eyes,
there's nothing we can do but sleep in this bed we made for ourselves, you're trapped in the past like you're six feet under.
*I wont give up on you, these scars wont tear us apart, so dont give up on me, it's not too late for us,
(i'll save you from yourself) 2x
*Try to numb the pain with alcohol and tears but it wont repair your trust, on my knees with a feeling of love and loss,
can't stand on two freaking feet, with a substance as a crutch
*(i, wont, give up, i wont give up on us)5x

The author's comments:
I hope people understand this song and where it comes from or what the meaning is. I was inspired by the feeling of trying to survive in love or relationship situations.

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