August 27, 2012
By peppymontario BRONZE, Clearwater, Florida
peppymontario BRONZE, Clearwater, Florida
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Favorite Quote:
"Don't cry because it's over, smile because it happened."-Dr. Suess

I had started long before and
You were there to guide me through and
I was young and so naïve
But you were wise and taught me the ways

Maybe I need to say goodbye
One more time
As you wash away with the tide
Maybe we need to go our ways
For your sake
And we’ll meet again some day
But you’ve left your mark on my heart
Like a footprint on the beach
And I’ll never forget
All you’ve said and done for me

The waves are crashing on the beach and
We’re all walking out of reach but
We can never run and hide
So when you say goodbye for the last time

I want you to always know
You’ve left your mark on our hearts
Like a footprint on the beach but
It’ll never wash away
Never taken by the sea
Because of everything you’ve done for me

The blazing fire makes our eyes tear up
As you say your goodbye words
The stars are sparkling, we are crying
And you
You can’t help yourself

Maybe you need to say goodbye
One more time
As the ocean drowns the sun
Maybe you need to go your way
For our sake
And let the river meet the sea
But we’ve left our mark on your heart
Like a footprint on the beach
And you’ll never forget
All we’ve said and done for you

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