Ur Depressed So What?

August 18, 2012
By Anonymous

Hit ur head on the wall pulling ur hair out
get this burning feeling in ur heart
cursing at urself thinking "why am I alive?"
trying to wipe ur tears off the floor but they're coming out so much u use the whole tissue box up
ur depressed so what?
we r ppl with emotions so we can;t help it
chemistry makes us have that feeling
and then u feel like ur being torn up
think "what;s wrong with this world"
then start kicking the walls the u hit ur head on the wall, over and over again think "why am i alive"
feel that burning in ur heart
ur feeling feel like they've been crushed by a car
ur depressed so what?
so what?

The author's comments:
i hope to get famous. read my other songs!!

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