Just Listen

August 23, 2012
Can you just listen to me
For the first time
In a while,in a while

Cause maybe I've been
Going through some trials
Maybe you could listen
Can't you just listen

Cause baby I know my hearts breaking and I
Know my hands been shaken
Too many times,
Too many times to count

And I know somewhere along that line 'o' mine
I might have found a guy
That made me feel
So fine, just right

And I know I
Could have found a home out there With someone just as nice as you.

But I'm not giving up hope yet
Because I know if you're really mine
If you're really mine
You'll come back and fight.

And everytime I sing this song I think about all those girls
Who want someone to want them, to love them, to hold them

And I'd tell every one of them
If they want him that bad he'll come in a second
If you just listen
If you just listen

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