I'm Sorry

August 4, 2012
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I’m sorry…
I didn’t care
or take the time to understand
the mess that was your life
your need to have a friend.

I’m sorry…
I wasn’t here
When your world caved in,
When the pain you felt inside
Overwhelmed the hope within.

I’m sorry…
I didn’t care
Enough to help you live,
Enough to show you love,
Enough to help you win.

The war that was waging
Deep inside your fragile heart,
The fight between love and hate;
Light and dark.

I’m sorry…
I wasn’t there
To see the tears that fell,
Each day; each night.
To hear the screams,
And cries of pain,
When the darkness beat the light.

I never knew the pain that you knew,
As the nightmares never stopped.

I never knew the pain you knew:
As each dream fell apart.
As each precious hope and prayer
Was destroyed by all your fears.

Im sorry…
I can’t begin to comprehend,
The pain and fear you felt.
The pain that turned to anger,
The anger that demanded blood.

With each cut,
You thought the pain would leave your broken heart.
With each burn,
You thought the tears would finally leave,
And you’d be able to cope.

Im sorry…
I wasn’t there,
To stop the blade you held in your hand.
To keep the blood inside you,
To help you understand.

I couldn’t save you from yourself,
And the pain that stole your heart.
I’m sorry I wasn’t there,
To stop this before you let it start.

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