You (tentatively)

July 16, 2012
By Anonymous

Yeah, you’re the better half of me, I’m sure
You taught me what that really means
There’s nothing in this world I’ll ever need more
Without you, love, it’s hard for me to breathe

It’s been so long since I had seen you last
It makes my soul ache and I’m blue
And as my thoughts drift to the past
I smile, 'cause it’s so filled with

The best I’ve ever known
The heart I've claimed as home

The author's comments:
Summer can be hard, especially when you're away from the one you love, such as myself. I hope a lot of you can identify with the feelings described in this song =^.^= If you want to know the melody, just comment or message about it and I can try to get it to you. Also, I'm working on some chords on the guitar ot go with it, and can post those if you want. It's just a start on this song, and it has a lot of work left to go on it, but I'd really appreciate your comments and criticisms. Thanks in advance ( ' . ')

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