Invisible Girl

July 9, 2012
By BWhoUR GOLD, Leander, Texas
BWhoUR GOLD, Leander, Texas
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Can you hear me?
I've been screaming
for all my life
Maybe thats just in my mind
Can you see me?
Through the hatred
Through all the evil I can be
Maybe i'm not that bad
can you feel me?
Though i'm invisible
Can't see me
How can you know me
I'm the invisible girl
no one ever sees me
and even in all of this world
i'm broken, hopeless, scared
cause no one cares
about invisible girl
My elder sister
gets all the attention
mom and dad
have favorites
and i'm ok with that
even though shes a
total f*** up
and i've been left in the dust
hiding in her wake
popping out like a dolphin
hoping someone notices the splash i make
can you hear me?
can you see me?
can you feel me?
invisible girl
not a super hero
just a lost woman
in a visible world
can anybody hear me?
i've been crying out forever
can anybody see me?
i've been dying here forever
can anybody feel me?
is anybody out there?
i'm tired of reaching out
to people who just don't care
can you hear me?
can you see me?
Can you feel me?
Can you see me?
Invisible girl

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