I Step Away

June 14, 2012
In how many ways do you leave me?
How many things did you take?

My soul slams to break my skull
Will time allow me to forget?
Now my heart a charging bull
It now allows me to regret

Now I stand still, time waits impatient
Afraid I'll step into reality
I'm aging with anxiety gradient
I know I AM my greatest enemy

I see myself a wounded animal
I see myself a force of nature
I feel my pain unclear, cruel, nominal
Show yourself, your voice, your features
and creep away from this gloomy creature

But no, my brain strums my heartstrings
Its melody knows it is I
I know the reply and I sing
Yes, I step away but I fly

Where to? Unclear. And how? No clue
One thing is true, and strange but clear
Just how my brain saved me from you?("you" is a dark feeling)
The thing with feathers in my tear
It strums a tune that I can hear
and leads me through the pain and fear

I've heard the nameless thing called hope
Tell me things that I don't know
Just making sure I'm not alone
I take a step and it is gone
And I am higher than the low
and I am better than before

I will look back but without fear
And wonder endlessly about

In how many ways do you leave me?
And how many things did you take?

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