June 12, 2012
sitting alone in my room,
wondrin' where you've gone
thinking by myself
why am i alone
we got in a fight last night
i had thought i won
but when you said we were done
i knew i was wrong

You wont pick up your phone
ive called 13 times
left you twelve messages
in the last one i cried
your sitting alone in your room
watching your phone ring
and i know deep inside
your thinking of me

baby please come back to me
you don't understand
that you are my girl
and i am your man
id do anything to be
with you right now
so baby please come back to me

i saw you the other day
with your new boyfriend
and i can't help wondering
about how things would have been
and now i realize
we'll never be more than friends
and things in real life
don't have a happy end

but still i think




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