My Love Songs

June 12, 2012
Be Who You Are.
I love you Just The Way You Are.
I would be in the Misery Business
Without You.
When you're not around I feel Numb.
But You Found Me,
When I asked you to Bring Me To Life.
Last Friday Night,
After Party Rocking,
You gave me Just A Kiss,
And told me that I'd never be a Broken-Hearted Girl.
You made me Smile.
And I realized that this was my Love Story.
And that you were Mine.
I love you and my Crazy Beautiful Life.
This love is F***in Perfect.
And I have a Good Feeling
That I can be your It Girl.
Cuz' I Just Can't Get Enough of you.
I'm Love Drunk,
And if you ever did I would Love The Way You Lie.
You don't act like a Mr. Know It All.
And My Life Would Suck Without You.
You are My Immortal.
And I'm Poisoned With Love.
I will NEVER find Someone Like You....... <3

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