That Was The Day

June 18, 2012
By theFuneralSinger SILVER, Connellsville, Pennsylvania
theFuneralSinger SILVER, Connellsville, Pennsylvania
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Favorite Quote:
"When words fail, music speaks." -Hans Christian Anderson

I was in despair, had my iPod on
Drowning in memories and my favorite songs
Lost my heart, lost my cool, lost my sanity
I was drained head to toe from his vanity
Then you came and asked, “why so serious?
Baby, you aren’t sad, you’re delirious!
Keep your head up; I’ll help you leave your past behind.”
Then I asked, sheepishly, what he had in mind

He said: “Stick with me, kid, and we’ll really go places
Then no one will trace us to where we came from
Hold on for your life and we’ll have some fun,
Without any grief for the things that we’ve done
We’ll take the high road, never look back
Then make a U-turn away from the fast track.”
I said “I’m on your side,” and I’ve known since
That was the day that I met my prince

We hit the road, cranked the stereo
Nobody ever said “I told you so!”
If our relationship seemed to break down
We’d send the haters out of town
We were just like Siamese twins
Keeping no secrets, and sealing no sins
One day, I asked why before I’d been blind
Then he told me something that eased my mind

He said: “We stuck it out and we’ve really been places
And no one has traced us to where we came from
You held onto your life and we had some fun,
Without any grief for the prize that we’ve won.”
“The fast track’s overrated anyway,”
I said, “I have no regrets now; what do you say?”
He said, “I’m on your side,” and I’ve never doubted since
That was the day that I met my prince

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