Converse and Candy

June 15, 2012
By Anonymous

No more crying and no more tears
Let go of yours sadness, let go of you fears
Sing through your sorrow and dance through you pain
Goodbye isn’t right cuz I’ll see you again

Cuz I’m always waiting come and take my hand
I see every step and I always understand
Each breath you take and each smile you smile
I’m right with you through every trial

I see your joy and I can hear your laugh
I know it’s hard to live with only half
So run in the rain, and jump through the leaves
Soak up the sunshine and close your eyes and dream

Cuz I’m always waiting come take my hand
I see every leap and I help you land
Each choice that you make and each dream that you dream
No matter where you go I’m closer than I seem

I’m a character in every book you read
The odd shaped candy that you never eat
I’m shoe that’s worn beyond compare
And of course the sock without a pair

Cuz I’m always waiting come take my hand
I know all your thoughts, and I know what you’ve planned
Darling, slip on your converse, and grab a guitar
Live for the moment and I’ll never be too far

The author's comments:
I was so afraid to lose someone I loved, and I always wondered if others felt the same. So I thought of what I would say to them if I knew something was coming. I'd of course want them to remember me by my favorite things: books, converse, candy, and the peculiar things in life.

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