My Brave Soldier

June 7, 2012
By LifeIsAWorkOfArt BRONZE, Springfield, Tennessee
LifeIsAWorkOfArt BRONZE, Springfield, Tennessee
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"C'mon let's write a song, a little poetry, take a photograph, let's make some memories. You can make it anything that you want it to be. If you follow your heart, life is a work of art."

One month till I see you again
You'll be home from Afghanistan
I'm hoping the days will go by real fast
So we can make some memories that'll last
A lifetime
I can't wait to see your smile
That'll be stretching for a mile
I'll run up to you and hug you in an embrace
I'll look into your eyes and say

I haven't seen you in three years
I've missed you so much my dear
It's felt like a lifetime with you gone
But I've been going strong
I'm so glad you're here now
And I'm going to show how
Proud I am of you
'Cause I've missed you,
My brave soldier

The days are going by so fast
Two weeks have already passed
Now just two more to go
Just so you know
I went to see your mom today
She said she loves you in every way
She's been praying for you
To help you get through
The tough times overseas
She's spent months now on her knees
Praying for your safety
Then she said to me

I haven't seen him in three years
I'm always wiping away my tears
I hope God will take care of him
'Cause it's not his time for heaven yet
My son grown up so fast
I hope these days won't be his last
And I can't wait to see him
'Cause he's my
Brave soldier

I've been counting the days and the hours
Till you're home
I remember all the good things that you've done
Oh honey I miss you
And I love you
My brave soldier

I haven't seen you in three years
I miss you so much my dear
It's felt like a lifetime with you gone
But I've been going strong
I'm so glad you're coming home
And I'm going to tell you how
Much I love you
'Cause I miss you,
My brave soldier
My brave soldier

You're plane just landed
And you're getting off board
I run to you
My brave soldier

The author's comments:
The soldiers who are fighting for this country inspired me to write this song

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