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June 7, 2012
By Anonymous

Just now I understand
To not love is even hard
To deny to forget
Like it never happened
Just now I understand
One can get the heart washed
That one can beat for thousand
But all might not just give
Give the best track of all
A beat with, with you can live
But not can’t live without
When the heart beats
Doesn’t mean it’s alive
When the eyes are open
Doesn’t mean they can see
Just coz the body moves
Doesn’t mean it’s awake
Just when I say the words
Doesn’t mean they make sense
Just so I show some care
Doesn’t mean love I dare
And coz I got away
Doesn’t mean all was fair
One can give the heart
To two pieces apart
While one shines as the other bleeds
As one hungers as the other feeds
But still beating not to ever die
To fade away to pass by
Just now I know it all
When someone throws the ball
Its not a must for you to catch
And not a guilt, as it falls to watch.

The author's comments:
just coz you see something it doesn't really mean that it's really there and just coz you don;t see it it doesn't mean its not can never be sure of this world we live in except to admit and move on with what ever we started on.....

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