I feed off of pain

May 25, 2012
By Alteredpoetics GOLD, Minneapolis, Minnesota
Alteredpoetics GOLD, Minneapolis, Minnesota
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In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on.

I'm sorry, I needed to preserve myself from the fire,
There's regret in leaving your side but strength in leaving a liar,
You could guess that loving you was my one true desire,
But that includes risking my life walkin on the high wire,
It's a dirty relationship that no ones willing to polish,
you can't see that the lust need to be abolished,
So instead of keeping the last wish,
You spent it on my heart and gave it to the world on a dish,
I sacrificed so much for your broken little heart,
The love was so true from the end to the start,
We started backwards, and finished in the dark,
It's sad and depressing but you left a mark,
I stayed too long under the protection of your arms,
My ears were oblivious to the blaring alarms,
I saw my heart being accepting to harm,
And my brain being seduced by your devious charms,
If you ever read this I'm deeply apologetic,
When you deny the truth  it makes you pathetic,
I wonder if inspiration is part of your genetics,
Because i feed off of it with my altered poetics,
I take the negativity and force it to intertwine,
With my intricate, delicate, beautiful design,
Last but not least, the holes you put into this soul of mine?
Have bled red and dark like delectable wine.

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