Fly With Me

May 3, 2012
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Look at all this mess we make
when nothing's standing in our way
it's funny, it comes so easily

Cause' every single thing you do
is like a magnet between me and you
attracting and distracting me with you
draws me close, and makes it harder to breathe

(It's crazy that)
I'm fearless...when I'm with you
I can't believe I'm so into you

I...I'm not afraid to fly
How can it be-that you're the one to change me?
I...I'm no longer scared to try
(cause') have you noticed, baby, you always seem to save me?
You love me, You want me, you make me see....
it isn't so hard to believe in you, in me
and if you try, you can fly...with me

The world is spinning faster now
but our two feet are on the ground
ready to take on an earthquake

Life has storms but we ride together
you remind me it can't rain forever
you're proof, the rainbow's on its way

Hook 2:
We can be...a beautiful disaster
maybe we can make our own "ever after"
or make something even better

Chorus 2x

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shadow_girl13 said...
Feb. 19, 2014 at 10:55 pm
I love ur song lyrics! Please tell me ur a famous singer or songwriter cuz u.. GOT TALENT! I wanna hear music to these songs, post them on utube and let me know!!!!!!!!
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