The Life of A Highschool Teen

May 11, 2012
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I ran outta the school at 2:55
With my books and purse in hand
Welcome to the time of happiness excess
Isn't it gonna be great?
Jumped on the bus
In my seat for the thousandth time
Look to my right and I see the school building
This is all so stupid
I really just want a nap
My tummy's spinnin cause my bus driver's crazy
She really speeding and I'm getting really nervous
That's when the little kid screams “Bob go away”
And then a fight begins
And then a fight begins
And then a fight begins
So I put my headphones in
I'm playing my song
The bus finally slows down
I'm nodding my head like “Yeah I'm home”
Moving my hips like “Let me off”
I got my keys out
So I can unlock the door
I think I'll be up all night
Yeah, study for finals
Yeah, study for finals
Get to my room and slam the door
My cats are looking at me
Like “who's that chick, that's freaking out
She gotta be a human”
So hard with my teachers not around me
This definatly not any kinda party
Cuz all I see are vocab words
Guess I'm gonna fail this
My tummy's growling
And I'm feeling super hungry
No food around and I'm starving
And the grocery store is closed
And the grocery store is closed
And the grocery store is closed
So I open the fridge
And man does it stink
There's gotta be some food in here
Shaking my head like nope
Movin my hips like “To the pantry”
I got my sweats on
I'm searching for food
I think that I'm gonna die
Yeah, the life of a high school kid
Yeah, the life of a high school kid
Feel like jumping in the car (in the car)
Down to Blimpie's tonight (Blimpie's tonight)
Somethin stops me every time (every time)
I don't have the keys cuz I can not drive
So I throw my hands up
I'm going to die
When's mom gonna be home?
it's only 4
I gotta wait 3 hours?
So I turn the TV on
And lay on the couch
Omigosh Tyra's on
Slowly falling asleep
I'm not going to study
I got my eyes closed
I'm taking a nap
Maybe I'll pass the test
Yeah right, I need a miracle
I know its gonna be ok
Who needs school anyways
Who needs school anyways?

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