Castle Evil

April 23, 2012
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We ride atop our mares, through winds of plague and hate
The feelings my men share, have brought us to this place
In the eyes of the slaves for war, the crescent night falls down onto thee
The palace lies beyond the forests shore, exalting screams of misery
Expending time forsaken for vengeance of our lord
"I am invincible" is etched into my sword
The King Of Demons looks to us, and calls upon his army
They turn our armor liquid rust, magic is not a story
Blood is shed and many die in battle, our rage prevails and so we keep our travel
Tending not to the Druids silent rattle
No chance the Gods will stop us, from finding Castle Evil

We stand in cosmic winds, with fires at our back
The forest of the living, now the plain of crimson ash
Entranced with blinded thoughts, burning crystals shine the way
Through acid smog and blackened frost, we find the castles bay
One thousand men, slave to the lord
One thousand dead, die by my sword
Blood is shed and many die in battle
So many wounds but i will not die of metal
Tending not to the Druids silent rattle
I storm the gates of Castle Evil

Blood is shed and one will die in battle
The dead will fall from both these blades of metal
The King Of Demons screams, no longer king of this unholy castle
I avenged my lord, so now i ride into a storm, as the Gods tear down Castle Evil

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