Ocean in the Sky

April 24, 2012
By Wesley Sigsworth BRONZE, Clear Lake, Wisconsin
Wesley Sigsworth BRONZE, Clear Lake, Wisconsin
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Explore the vast emptiness of space
Discover what none has before
Reach the limits to where
Life has been void

Sail the seas of blackness
Reach the shores of the edge
Where nothing from before
Is relevant to now

Like an ocean in the sky
It is transparent as glass
How can one think of it
Without an ounce of fear?

The ever-growing cauldron
Of empty celestial spheres
Churn with great velocity
And await their discovery

What may lie on those planets?
Decaying landscapes not fit for life?
Or many new creatures
Who may tell of the universe
As it truly may be

See the many places where life used to stand
Only desolate plains now endure
The sands of time, withering their display
Once beautiful, now forsaken

The shadows of the deep
Intrigue the mind to its limit
Move through for eons
The infinite, ethereal oceans of space

The author's comments:
Inspired mostly by the bands Cynic and Obscura. Their lyrics and music prompted me to write like they do. Specifically on the song "Celestial Voyage" by Cynic.

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