Apathy Will Be the Death of Me

April 25, 2012
By StephenS GOLD, Ball Ground, Georgia
StephenS GOLD, Ball Ground, Georgia
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The days just drag on
Minutes take hours
And those hours are gone in a flash
What have I done
But just sit here and watch
As my life just passes me by

The darkness seems light
Being embalmed, I feel quite alive
And I'm so unaware
Of this box enclosing my heart
Why don't I care

I can't just go on
Living like this
I need more than to merely exist
Life has no meaning
If I just keep sitting
There needs to be a difference

Where is the light
Being embalmed, I need a new life
I was so unaware
Of this box enclosing my heart
Why didn't I care

I look to the heavens and cry to the Son
He shines His light
He gives me a purpose: to worship the One
Who gives me life

We are the light
Set on a hill, revealing true life
And we're making aware
Of the One who's stolen our hearts
Because He cares

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