Aaee boy

April 25, 2012
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Aaee boy
i see you
walkin' my way
lokin' so fly
with your hands
at your side

When i see you
Walkin' my way
i turn
and run
the other way
its not that
i don't like you
its just that im
crazy and confused
i got the butterflies
for you

boy you see me
runnin' away
every time you
look my way

but what you dont kow
is that i like you
you like me to
but im to afraid
to tell you

Sittin' on facebook
when a message
pops up
its from you

its just a smiley face
but wait
did you see my

so im freakin' out
over that smiley face
i message you back
my number

Its crazy
i like you
i know you like
me to

so all of the sudden
my phone vibrates
i look at the screen
and see that its you

i text you back
we laugh and joke
and carry on
and all the sudden
you say you like me


so a few days later
i text you back
with an insane amount
of courage
tellin' you
i like you back

you say yay
but hold up
we gotta be sly
cause our youth group
wont let this fly

Aaee boy ya boy
i like you boy
Aaee, Aaee, Aaee, Aaee, Aaee

i like you boy

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