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April 25, 2012
By Angellynn1996 GOLD, San Francisco, California
Angellynn1996 GOLD, San Francisco, California
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Walkin' outta school
not a thing to do
when my friend calls me up
Aaee you

guess who's here
that boy from
church that you
like somethin' Fierce

i say
where's he at
he taps me on
the shoulder
and says
right here

i turn around
and start to blush
cause this boy
knows he's my crush

he says
wanna see a movie
it'll be lit
just walk with me
we need to talk
for a bit

I say
sure that'd be cool
and of course
i'd like to walk with you

we start to
and when were

he turns and
now here's the

i like you
you like me
but we gotta
be sly
cant you tell?

Cause another girl
likes me
same as you
and man this
girl's cool

She's our friend
i don't wanna
hurt her

now what do
you say?

and i say
boy i like you
and she's our friend
i don't know
how to deal with this

he say's
girl i love you
now listen here
where gonna tell her
now don't you fear

when the time
is right
i'll tell her

i say
ok boy
lets do this
me and you
well make it
through this


boy lets do this
me and you

oh yea
me and you

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