April 21, 2012

The tears rundown my face
As I look up at the sky,
Thinking about the happy memories
When you were here.
All the times you made me laugh, made me smile
When I felt dead inside.
I remember your hand in my,
Those green eyes that never stopped sparkling.
The way you kissed me in the rain,
The way you held me close.
It brought a spark in me,
Do you remember?
The days aren't the same.
Tears are never ending,
There's a whole in my heart,
That won't ever heal.
Days turned into months,
I wait for you to return.
The pain goes on,
Without you here.

I remember your hand in mine,
Those green eyes that showed me love.
The way you said, " You're my everything."
How your every touch made my skin tingle.
Do you remember?

It's not the same,
No one can fill your space.
Will you ever come back?
Did your words ring true,
Or was it all a lie?
I remember how you said goodbye,
With tears in those green eyes.
How, that last kiss, held no spark.
Was it only summer love?
I remember that spark, do you?
Do you remember how you made me feel, on those summer nights?
I remember, every single touch, every word, every look.
Did it mean anything to you?
Do you remember those words you whispered,
As you walked away,
I do... I remember
"I'm sorry?"

The author's comments:
How much can one little word break the one thingwe all hold so dear?

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