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March 23, 2012
dontreallycareboutmyscreenname BRONZE, Clackamas, Oregon
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Favorite Quote:
"I'd rather leave you behind than drag you along in my madness."

I see you run
from the sun
and on into the night.
I see you run
from the sun
your shadow cries.

I see you try try try
to avoid void void
all the music laughter all of the noise.
I see you attempt tempt tempt
to resent sent sent
the forest of light
so you camp in your dark tent.

And I ask:
Oh little child
why do you run?
Run from the sun,
away from the love?
Oh little child,
though your age is not mature
one things for sure
you make others hurt.

You say you dont
belong here
you live in pain,
you live in glorified fear.
You say you belong up
to make tracks on the moon,
to dance in the fire
will the shameless and the ghouls.

Little child...
why do you cry?
Is there a secret
behind your eyes.

Your coal quick eyes
your frigid heart
your desire to converse
tears you apart.

So whats it like
on the other side?
Is it cold
just like your kind?

So I ask you:
Oh growing teen,
why do you run,
run from the sun,
away from the love?
Oh growing teen,
you are growing mature,
and one things for sure,
you try not to hurt.

I see you right there
your trying not to cry
you must not spill the secret
you cannot break the ice.

I miss you and the way that you were,
I miss you before the secrets,
before all the hurt.
Your all grown up now,
and your decisions make my cry,
I am so disappointed,
you shouldn't live this life.

I see you run
from the sun
and on into the night.
I see you jump
from the love
your shadow cries.

Oh beautiful perfected lady,
why do you cry,
I fear the secret you carry....

your life.

The author's comments:
This story is very complicating...but thats why I wrote it. For the mystery.

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