The Completeness of my Heart

March 23, 2012
Your words continue to ring
As the hit my heart with a sting
Knowing now that you don’t want to try
Only makes me want to cry
Now seeing you with her
Makes me fear the worst
And now I think I might burst

I don’t want to go without trying,
Just so I don’t have this doubt
I won’t know where to start
Without you,
The completeness of my heart

A relationship takes work
It’s not always going to be easy
But I would try for all I’m worth
So don’t give up
Because I won’t be gone
Until I know that this is done


And I never wanted this to happen
Now we’re saying goodbye
As I try to repress this sigh
And without you,
The sky will turn dark
On this journey I don’t want to embark alone


I truly love you,
I hope you love me too,
Even though what we’ve been through
Because I love you more than ever before,
If you love me still,
I hope you’d try


And you are the completeness of my heart,
You are,
You are,
The completeness of my heart

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