Take This For Granted; Sorry's Not a Word I Throw Around

March 23, 2012
Verse 1:
Can we pretend, we can make amends
With everything, with all of our wrongs
I'm dazed and confused, I've lost all direction
What is it I do, to get in these situations

I'm so sorry, I'm such a messed up kid
You should be sorry, for everything you hid
I guess it's my fault
I'm sorry I called, at all

Verse 2:
Still I, still I can't, seem to understand
Why I still ask, for your forgiveness
I did nothing wrong, just lost all direction
Even when you're gone, I'm stuck in this situation

What will it take, to learn from my mistakes
For caring too much, for falling into lust
What will it take, I'm past the point where I break
I'm dying to know, how I can let go.

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