Yeah we don't hang out much anymore

March 19, 2012
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Cheap shampoo and a spider in the shower
Normally shaving my legs would take an hour
But I'm in a rush trying to race your voice inside my head
Cuz I packed so fast that your words have still not caught me yet

Technically we were never really together
But I guess that doesn't make things better
Three days straight writing poems and toasting potato bread right
With any luck I'll be over this before tonight

Monday night was sunflower seeds and a frisbee game
Your curly hair and white t-shirt turned my way
I sit down quick and ignore my stomach's twisting knot
If I had known you'd be there I wouldn't have showed up

Lucky thing I know the harmony to this song
So I don't have to focus on what I did wrong
I guess for now I'll make my bed and unplug the speakers
And go to class avoiding your white sneakers

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