Pause, Wait, Stop

March 19, 2012
By nliuzzo SILVER, Elmwood Park, Illinois
nliuzzo SILVER, Elmwood Park, Illinois
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"A man's true strength is not measure by what he can move or lift, it is measured by an idomitable will, and an ever loving heart." -Gandhi

You say I'm so bad, oh how I'm so bad
But you never ever thought, you just got mad
So now sit back and think, was it all really me?
Or did you just shout and scream, which could it be?

You know I'm crazy for you, I've made that much clear
But there are times when I can't stand you, my dear
But still I put you on top, at you I can't yell
I can't get my rage hot, even when I go through hell

You put out my fire, I'm just a pile of ashes
I don't know why, but when you bat those lashes
I'm putty in your hands, do with me what you will
Mold me to what you want, I'll stand by you still

No matter what I'm told, I still come running back
Like a lost puppy, my confidence is what I lack
I might be loud, I might be proud, but its all an act
Deep down inside I need you, or my heart will go slack
Pause, wait, stop. Do I really want you back?

You left me alone and told people you won.
Funny joke, I've been on my own since day one.
You think because you're gone I've got nothing else to lose,
You couldn't be more wrong, all that did was set me loose.
So now I'm out and about and there is no doubt,
That while I'm here, my dear, I will be king, ya hear?

Never in my life will you cause me strife.
So give up now, because I don't see how,
You can keep up with that trivial pursuit.
It won't end well. I swear, you'll need to reboot.

I won't be Drake, so go ahead and do it.
I won't be fake, you can go and throw a fit.
It won't bother me, because now I'm home free.
So why can't you see? Why can't you just believe?
I think you should start, just listen to your heart.
It won't beat, it will sing, all because of me.

Pause, wait, stop. Do I really need you here?
Because it seems, like your eyes have the tears.

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