Woo the Moon

March 1, 2012
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She used to look at me
With those eyes and her sympathy
She could woo the moon
Right from the sky
And she could twinkle the stars
With a single cry
But now all she does
Is change her eyes

That glance
Was no second chance
It was a small thought
She'd forgot we'd fought
But then again
I remember
Unlike her
I don't miss December
I just miss those eyes

So I don't look anymore
I don't even our score
I just wait and fall
She doesn't understand it all
At least he
Can peek and see
When I'm not myself
When I need some help
Then I think...


She's not the same
But neither am I
"We've changed for the worst!"
I fear when I cry
She probably doesn't
She probably can't
I've seen tears come from her
But I haven't seen her cry yet

I don't want to feel it
Not a day more
This is the last moment
I'm done with implores
I'm leaving to forget
Returning to remember
And fighting to get stronger
I'll just recall
A little bit longer


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