March 3, 2012
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There's a place in my imagination
Where there's nothing wrong with me
But that's just imagination
That's just a dream
I can never do no right in your eyes
But your view is important to me
Why am I a useless
Unlovable thing?
(Chorus: Am I so stupid
I can't get anything right
Am I so ugly
You can't look into my eyes
I can't take it, I can't breathe
You should be nothing to me
But you aren't
I dream of the day you say
You're proud of me
I dream of the day you say
You love me
You look me in the eyes
And then I wake up and I cry
Am I so worthless
You'd give anything to be rid of me
Am I so thoughtless
You have to do my thinking for me
Am I so senseless
I wouldn't feel the pain you give me
No I'm not that stupid
You're just too blind
No I'm not that ugly
You're jealous, am I right
I can take it, I can breathe
You are nothing to me after all
I'm strong
But why?

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