Current Frustration

February 23, 2012
By Starfern1015 BRONZE, Troy, Montana
Starfern1015 BRONZE, Troy, Montana
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Teardrops on the windowpane
That only noise is driving me insane
Just the tap- tap tapping on the window pane
And ill i can think is this crazy game
is causing me too much pain'

I tried, I failed.
You didn't try, Just
watched me as i fell down.
Now instead of speaking we
are looking at each other
aimlessly scared of
saying what we feel
scared of putting each other down.

This is my current frustration
time and time again
We say we will try
And we go two steps forward but
take three steps back.
and Its taking all my being
not to crack.
Let not try again
Lets not go back.

I open my mouth to talk,
A few words come out and thats all
before you interrupt
trying to brush aside
The truth that you try to hide.

Now this is my current frustration
Time and time again
We say we will try
We go two steps forward
but take three steps back.
and its taking all my being not to crake
Lets not try again
lets not go back.

Driving down the road.
Crying not afraid to show.
Maybe I'm happy, even relieved
I feel free and Slightly carefree
Maybe I'm a little guilty to. That i couldn't
say anything to you.

I just left, not a note,
not a word.
Because if i did
You wouldn't have heard. ?So instead i leave you guessing
maybe next time
you'll get it right. and
that girl wont have to hide.

No more current frustration
Just me myself and I
We said we would try
and try we did.

But We were getting nowhere.
Lets not pretend.
Im not gonna try again
Im not looking back.

No more current frustration
just me myself and i
Maybe ill find myself again
Not having to pretend
Im not gonna try
Im not going back.

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