All the Lies

January 17, 2012
I like to know what’s new
And all the things that are true
All the gossip behind closed doors
Bet all the girls think that they can score
With all of the stories that are being told
All the girls are acting cold
All the hearts that have been broken
By all the lies that have been spoken

I'm tired of being told
All these lies are getting old
I'm fighting for a reputation
That can change our expectations
So all I can say is let’s start a new day
Where words are so much easier to say

Secrets being spilled
Glossy mouths are filled
With word that are all fake
And they give someone a new take
On the girl at the other table
Trying to fill in her label

That is what they do
The time when almost nothing is true
When all that’s left are the girls, alone
They’re weakness are shown
But they will never learn
And they will always burn
From the jealousy eating away
At their hearts till it’s only the fray
But that is what they do
And this what they always will

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