If that's love, then I'm gone

February 9, 2012
She sat listening to a song. It used to be just a song, but now she related to it in a way she never thought she would…
-You say love, is letting you do what you want
Even if the things you’re doing start to ruin how I’m feeling inside.-
Oh yes, she knew how that felt. He always said that she should let him to whatever because hey, didn’t she love him?
-You’re always out all night, then you try to tell me lies-
She knew about lies too. She knew about them oh so well. Every time he got drunk and rowdy and came back smelling like someone else… She’d heard all his stories now.
-Because you think that you can say three little words and I’ll be spending the night.-
And before it would work; a gentle touch, a whispered “I love you” and she couldn’t leave.
-You come around and you take and you take and you take-
He had taken so much, she strength, her confidence, her everything.
-You tear me down and I break and I break and I break-
She used to be so strong, she had a future planed out… Did she have any hope anymore?
-Then you tell me that you love me, baby, but is that what you call love?-
He had leaned over her and whispered “I love you” again, right after It and she lay there and sobbed. How was that love?
- If that’s love, I’m giving up, my heart can’t take it anymore.-
Her heart was mangled and weak, she was so tired now, drained. But at her weakest point she was the strongest.
-If that’s all, it’s not enough, you’ll watch me walk right out that door.-
That door, the same he had left her through after It happened. She couldn’t leave before but she could now.
-It’s like you said before, “it’s nothing personal,” then let’s be moving on-.
He had stopped before he left and looked at her, broken on the floor. “It’s nothing personal” he’d scolded as she cried. How it must have felt to hear his own words used against him.
-If that’s love, then I’m gone.-
He had used her.
He had lost her.
Now she’s gone.

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